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Echoes from a different time.

We were forged in a world and setting that was very much analog. We met through real life events, face to face, going to football, hanging out at train stations, going to shows etc.
Nothing was up for grabs or easy access.
This is our background.

If you had an urge to step away from the herd it would demand physical involvement, participation and a hunt. So that is what we did and that is how we found each other.

Like most people our age, involved with this ”thing” meant sacrifice. Time, safety, pride and money – sacrificed for something bigger. Something sacred. It is all this combined that kind of defines the foundation we stand on.

Star Wars in the late 70's and early 80's, collecting football cards, good music when it was still dangerous, sportswear in the 80's and 90's. Also sub cultures that had elements of uncertainty and danger – the great ones always do. Be it a uniform or individuality, we had to earn it and it's been a sacred thread throughout life.
We most definitely bought it – but first we earned it.