Sizes has become a total bitch for a lot of us. So we fully understand that you might have questions in this day and age. But since we know where you’re coming from – read the size guide or check the measurements we have taken. It will save you a lot of time.


All payments are done through Paypal. Our Culture prefer Paypal – hope you prefer it too. It's the easiest way to accept payment from all over the world and it is also very secure. If you're not aware of it, all you need to send payment is an e-mail address. Paypal covers the regular cards and you don't need to sign up or register, you can use it as a guest to make a one off purchase. 

Shipping depends on your location and you will see the total price when you choose the destination of your purchase in the check out. We like to think of ourselves as fast. Every order will be shipped out (safely packed) within a day or two.